Red Skies
Recycling and the Environment
Cleaning the environment
- Plastic and other recyclables

Environmental, Social and Governance(ESG)

Big technology must always live in the balance with the environment and so here at Red Skies we put significant focus on building and supporting environmental projects.

The public Catalyst network has been designed to ultmately achieve a state of being carbon negative through a combination of an efficient consensus mechanism, efficient data management, efficient compute and the re-investment of some of the fees back into green carbon reducing projects.

Red Skies is also working with partners on plastic recycling projects including track and trace of plastic in the community and deposit return schemes to encourage recycling.

Mobile Plastic

Atas City has been working with the leading innovators in plastic recycling, Cryptocycle, on a project to use blockchain to tokenise bottles and other products while encouraging consumers to recycle through a mobile based deposit return scheme.

While national recycling projects clean up countries, expanding these projects internationally helps to track where plastics in the oceans are coming from and where efforts need to be increased to tackle this global problem.

A mission from the CEO

"Big technology must always exist in balance with its environment. I want to be able to look my children in the eyes when they're older and to be able to say that we worked towards creating the clean and healthy world they live in today!"

- Darren Oliveiro-Priestnall, CEO of Red Skies
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